Mediterranean Dinner


Enjoy the delights of Mediterranean and Greece without having to leave the Accomac! Join us September 29th for a taste of the Mediterranean. Chef has prepared a special menu to highlight traditional dishes with what our garden has to offer! We will be enjoying this meal family style, individual tables will not be available for groups under 6.  $55 per person (not including tax and tip) Make your reservations today! (717) 252 1521



Greek spreads – Hummus, tapenade, tzatziki, dakos(greek style bruschetta)

Crudité vegetables with pita

Marinated artichokes



“Fakes” lentil soup

“Fassolatha” white bean soup

Greek salad

Tabbouleh salad


“Lemonati kai reganati kota”  Grilled Chicken with lemon and oregano

“Souvlaki Psaro” Marinated Fish kebops with swordfish, bell peppers, oregano, Greek Tomato sauce, Spicy almond sauce

“Fagito Me Maratho” Stewed fennel and onions with feta cheese

“Patatas Skorthou” Potatoes with garlic with juniper, rosemary

“Horta Kolokythia Vrasta” Stewed greens and zucchini – Local greens and AG zucchini


“Baklava” crispy phyllo, nuts, honey syrup

“Loukoumathes” Fried dough balls soaked in honey and cinnamon

“Myzithropita” Fresh Cheese tart with fresh figs and orange