Charlene’s Trip To England (Part 1)

This past March, Charlene, President of Accomac Inn and Events, traveled with her daughter to London, England. During the trip, she kept a travel journal and this week she will be sharing portions of the journal on the blog discussing the Euro side of Farm to Table, along with other garden and food inspirations! Enjoy!

Once landing in London our job was to begin the train process for getting to Chichester. Once arriving, we decided to explore the grounds. First, we went to The West Dean Gardens at West Dean College in Chichester. The school has a very small student body who are active in maintaining the gardens on the 90 acre estate. The greenhouses were the most well kept houses I’ve ever seen, filled with newborns popping their heads out of the ground waiting for the warmth of the sunlight to enhance their growth.

The fruit trees were all trimmed and trained with precision. Some were trained along brick walls and others formed gorgeous arches along the walkways. The two large looking pear items are actually green gourds that stood roughly 12 inches tall. At this time of the year, the lettuces were just peaking through, as were the fresh herbs.

We then headed to the other end of the campus, down a long windy back road where we found hills packed with the fattest sheep I’ve ever seen. It was quite a sight!

Back at our hotel, we learned of a pub about a mile or so up the road for dinner. With map in hand, we headed off to find the Partridge Inn Pub. The place turned out to be a great little pub. We started with fresh baked breads and dips. It was an assortment of pita, baguette and brown bread with the best hummus I have ever tasted and a wonderful salsa.  Ali ordered bangers and mash, while I went the fish & chip route with mashed minted peas. The food was fabulous. My fish and chips came in a large bowl lined with newspaper,then a sheet of wax paper. The fish was served whole minus the head and the tartar sauce was delicious with chunks of pickles and capers. The minted peas tasted like they were just picked out of the garden.  Dessert was an almond pear torte with a side of toffee honeycomb ice cream.

Planning Underway for Culinary Garden 2012

Last night we held our first Culinary Garden 2012 meeting. Discussions included our plan for an expanded container garden at Accomac Inn as well as plans for Codorun Farms. We are so grateful for the participation & involvement of many of our chefs and servers. It is wonderful to have a staff that is excited to participate in this endeavor and passionate about local, sustainable agriculture.

We have a great plan in place with plantings of potatoes starting as early as March! We’re going to grow melons in a separate patch this year, as they were too invasive for the rest of the garden.

Swiss chard, kale, and beets will go in early April. zucchini and squash will be late April.

In May we will plant tomatoes, green peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, watermelon and various other sweet melons.

We will begin our butternut and other hard squash plantings in June.

We’re so anxious to see what Chef Ty Paup has in store for us with his fabulous heirloom seeds and will keep you in the loop as soon as he is ready to divulge the heirloom varieties of the intended plantings.

Meanwhile, Chef Ed Dodds will work closely with our “can do man” Larry Moody to build out our new raised garden bed at The Inn. This will be the new home for our edible herbs and flowers!

That’s it for now until it’s tilling time in just a few short weeks. Until then, check out our video from last year’s culinary garden:

Linden Dale Farm

We are truly fortunate to get to experience Linden Dale Farm’s goat cheese here in Central PA!

Their delicious cheese will be featured in our Summer Squash and Rabbit Confit hors d’oeuvre at the Farm to Table Dinner. 

Linden Dale Farm

Owned and operated by Andrew and Mary Mellinger, their farm is a 7th generation dairy farm that was established in 1797, The goats are bottle fed as kids and each and every goat has it’s own name that the Mellinger family keeps track of.

A little bit more about Linden Dale Farm from Lancaster Central Market’s website directory:
Linden Dale Farm is happy to be providing their cheese to local chefs. No other place in Lancaster offers fresh and locally-made goat cheeses; its flavor is unrivaled and its delicacy is very much appreciated by those who are looking for local quality. The Mellinger’s are enjoying being a small business and intend to stay that way so that they can continue providing a very high quality cheese. Mary assures us that their 7th generation farm wouldn’t ever compromise quality for quantity.

In an age of efficiency, bottom lines, and hard costs, the time and care that goes into this goat farm endeavor successfully bucks the trends of the time and reminds of a simpler way to do things.

The Farm: 127 Herr Road, Ronks, PA 17472

Visit them on Facebook here. 

Springfield Farm

Springfield Farm - "No ordinary place."

NEW to the Farm to Table Dinner this year, we are pleased to bring you meat from Springfield Farm! They will be supplying the entree items in the Duo of Springfield Farm Duck Seared Duck Breast and Duck Mousseline, with Butternut Risotto Crisp, Creamed Leeks and Thyme Jus as well as Springfield Farm Cocoa Braised Beef Short Ribs Local Potato Anna, Roasted Root Vegetables and Accomac Inn’s Garden Swiss Chard.

Springfield Farm invites their customers to freely roam the farm, which is so refreshing!

More about their philosophy and agricultural practices:

Sustainable agricultural methods are practiced where the animals are given nothing which is not natural – no hormones, antibiotics, chemicals, etc. All animals are offered free-range during the grass growing season. In addition to chicken eggs, and seasonal goose eggs, chicken, turkey, duck and seasonal goose are raised for meat. Beef (grass-fed and natural), grass-fed lamb, pork and rabbit are also available. All animals are treated humanely, allowed to associate with each other and cared for when sick using homeopathic remedies first.

Visit Springfield Farm Online by clicking the photo

Contact Springfield Farm:
Phone: 410-472-0738
Address: 16701 Yeoho Road, Sparks, MD 21152

We cannot wait to prepare your dinner using Springfield Farm’s wonderful, local products at our Farm to Table Dinner, September 10th.

Allegro Vineyards and Winery

Allegro Winery photo by The Susquehanna Photographic

We are excited to be serving Allegro wine again this year during our 2011 Farm to Table Dinner. Each course of our six-course dinner will be paired with delicious Allegro wine! The winery is based out of Brogue, PA and open Sunday-Friday from 1pm-5pm and Saturday from 10am-5pm.

A little bit about their history:

“Wine and music are one,” wrote Emerson.  It’s not a perfect metaphor, but for the founders of Allegro Vineyards in Brogue, Pennsylvania, it certainly rang true that a person captivated by one might be at once captivated by the other, and in similar ways.  Bachelor brothers John and Tim Crouch took a two-decade interlude from their musical lives to grow and make wine here.  John, an oboist but most devotedly a composer, had a year and a half after selling the winery to return to his compositions before his death at 55 in 2003; Tim, a violinist, died in 2000 at the age of sixty.

Allegro: The winery, established in 1980, was musically named.  The primary meaning of the word is “lively,” and I like the word’s versatility: it can be a noun, adverb, or adjective; it’s a way of doing something, or being something, with some spirit.  A great term for John’s winemaking (or “wine-sitting,” as he occasionally called it), which was never heavy-handed and was always respectful of the spirit of the grape. Read more at

image by The Susquehanna Photographic

 Carl Helrich, head winemaker, and his wife Kris now own Allegro and have continued this tradition of melding music and wine. Carl writes a blog that details his life as a winemaker. He keeps his readers up-to-date on the latest happenings at the winery as well as his musings about grapes, wine and life. Spending time on Carl’s blog will truly allow you to feel like part of the process.

image by The Susquehanna Photographic

Come to the Farm to Table Dinner on September 10th to meet the faces behind Allegro Vineyards & Winery and, of course, celebrate in the fruit of their labor!



The Food Trust

A portion of the proceeds from this year’s Farm to Table Dinner will be donated to The Food Trust. After learning about the mission of this wonderful organization, we were excited to get involved.

This mission of The Food Trust is this:
The Food Trust strives to make healthy food available to all. Working with neighborhoods, schools, grocers, farmers and policymakers, we’ve developed a comprehensive approach that combines nutrition education and greater availability of affordable, healthy food.

This organization has been in the spotlight for their great work.They were recently named among the top five “high-impact” nonprofits working in the field of health and childhood nutrition. This survey of more than 100 experts working in the field of health and childhood nutrition was conducted by Philanthropedia. Time Magazine calls The Food Trust’s Programs a remarkable success “…increasing the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables in elementary schools, along with nutrition education, is credited with helping reduce the incidence of overweight students by 50 percent.”

Watch this video about The Food Trust’s commitment to making  fresh foods available to everyone:

Visit the Food Trust’s website here and also join them on Facebook.
Learn more about The Food Trust at the Farm to Table Dinner on September 10th! 



Farm to Table Dinner Menu

The dinner will be held at Codorun Farms, home of the Accomac Garden. 1535 Hokes Mill Rd. York, PA

The Farm to Table Dinner Menu for 2011 has been finalized!

We can’t wait to present this dinner to you on September 10th in the setting of our family farm in York, PA. You will notice some familiar purveyors, such as Shaw Orchards and Brogue Hydroponics, as well as some new faces like Linden Dale Farms. (If you have yet to try their goat cheese, you are in for an extraordinary treat!) Attendees will be able to meet the farmers and purveyors and participate in a wonderful Q & A session during dinner. Don’t miss this unique event! This year, a portion of the proceeds from the dinner will donated to The Food Trust.  More info on this fantastic organization coming soon.


Local Pork Rillette
With Shaw Orchard Pear Chu

Summer Squash
Rabbit Confit and Linden Dale Goat Cheese


Accomac Inn’s Garden Tomatoes Poached in Basil Olive Oil
Served with Brogue Hydroponic Baby Greens, Twin Pine Braised Bacon and White Balsamic

Lehman’s Produce Pumpkin Bisque
With Brown Butter Gnocchi, Marietta Honey Bee Good and Sage Rye Croutons

Smoked Pennsylvania Trout
Apple, Arugula and Pickled Celery Root Salad
Roasted Beets and Horseradish Crème Fraiche

Duo of Springfield Farm Duck
Seared Duck Breast and Duck Mousseline
With Butternut Risotto Crisp, Creamed Leeks and Thyme Jus

Shaw Orchard Apple Sorbet with Candied Hazelnut Parsnip Sticks

Springfield Farm Cocoa Braised Beef Short Ribs
Local Potato Anna, Roasted Root Vegetables and Accomac Inn’s Garden Swiss Chard

Edible Garnish produced by Brogue Hydroponics

Wine supplied by Allegro Wines Brogue, PA


Shaw Orchard Grilled Peach and Frangipan Pizza
Basil Ice Cream

Reservations can be purchased online here.

Accomac Garden Update 7/19

Chef Ed Dodds and the Accomac Events team are testing and finalizing the Farm to Table Dinner 2011 Menu this week! The staff is so excited to taste test and we can’t wait to reveal what’s in store for this year’s event. Until then, here is another garden update! Everything is growing like crazy. We are seeing orange pumpkins already, melons, tomatoes, zucchini, beets, summer squash, green peppers and more. These photos were taken on July 19th –

So many tomatoes!

Thank You to Chef Ty Paup!

Last night Chef Ty Paup met us out at the garden. We pruned all of the tomatoes and planted more of his heirloom beets and Swiss Chard. Thank you to Chef Ty! Without him, we wouldn’t have our fantastic produce! We are thrilled so far with this year’s yield. We are harvesting dozens and dozens of zucchini including this giant we picked last week!!

This zucchini is 19 inches long!
The beets have been wonderful, too! Our Roasted Carpaccio of Beets Salad is a guest favorite right now! All of the beets come from our garden.Carpaccio of Roasted Beets with arugula, orange segments, baby beets, pine nuts, and citrus tarragon vinaigrette.