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100th Anniversary of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local #229

Saturday April 7, 2018 marked a momentous occasion for the Local Union No. 229 of The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) as they celebrated their 100th anniversary! This was a celebration that was a year long in the making, with Accomac Events taking the lead to truly make it an event of a lifetime.

IBEW Logo: 100th Anniversary Event - Accomac Events

The IBEW event boasted 500 guests from the local union for the Diamond Ball Dinner & Celebration. The event included a DJ for the night, servers, bartenders & full bar service, a photo booth, decor, and a custom menu, as well as a guest giveaway!

The sumptuous menu included hors d’oeuvres of Shrimp Cocktail Spoons and a Sundried Tomato Tapenade Flatbread “Pizza” with Parmesan and Oregano as well as a Garden Crostini Bar featuring chilled spinach dip and a charred carrot hummus.

Following the cocktail hour, guests were seated at tables graced with crystal chandelier centerpieces and feasted on a Spring Berry Salad with strawberries, blueberries and feta.  The main course was duet plate of Grilled Beef Tenderloin with classic horseradish cream and a Pesto Glazed Spring Chicken Roulade. All of the entrees were served with grilled spring vegetables and Accomac potatoes…..a classic recipe that hasn’t changed in nearly 50 years!  As the night progressed and Klock Entertainment ramped up the energy, guests indulged in a decadent Strawberry Pavlova.

The Accomac team worked for 3 days, transforming Memorial Hall East at the York Expo Center, which is a wonderfully accessible venue that Accomac Events has worked with on many occasions to bring special occasions such as this to life. The Hall was turned into a WOW!

IBEW Diamond Anniversary Ball Dinner & Celebration - 100th Anniversary - Accomac Events

IBEW Diamond Anniversary Ball Dinner & Celebration - 100th Anniversary - Accomac Events

IBEW Diamond Anniversary Ball Dinner & Celebration - 100th Anniversary - Accomac Events

The event received rave reviews, and Matt Paules, the Union President, had this to say:

“The event was wonderful! You and your team did a fantastic job, we are very pleased!! Please let your staff know we appreciate all of their hard work.”

Thank you,

Matt Paules, IBEW #229 President.

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The Accomac Restaurant, Spring 2018

The Accomac Inn, a Historic Centerpiece

The long history of the Accomac Inn is one that stands the test of time and ensures its continued stability.

Originally part of a dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland territories in the year 1722, the Accomac Inn has become a landmark in south-central Pennsylvania. At its beginning, the area was known as “Anderson’s Ferry”, which, in addition to the ferry, operated as an inn and tavern in the late 1700’s and early 1800s. At the time, the ferry was the only means of traveling across the Susquehanna River in a north/south direction. The 270-year-old foundation has seen countless guests, many proprietors, several floods, one scandal, and one fire. With a story as rich as this, the Accomac Inn isn’t slowing down any time soon.

The Accomac Restaurant, Spring 2018

Accomac Inn

In every reincarnation, the building has housed a restaurant. When the current owner, Doug  Campbell, bought the building in 1971 it was a quaint fisherman’s bar, which he then turned into a french restaurant focused on special occasion dining. Over the past 47 years, the cuisine has transitioned to an elevated farm-to-table experience. We’ve partnered with local farms and markets to secure seasonal ingredients that we include in our continually rotating menu.

It’s not just farms that provide the delicious vegetables. Doug, a fan of home-grown, heirloom tomatoes, makes it a point to grow select vegetables right on The Accomac grounds… vegetables that inevitably end up being served alongside other seasonal favorites. The focus on transitioning from french cuisine to a farm-to-table experience was a move that’s placed The Accomac in an ideal situation to appeal to a wider audience and a more casual atmosphere, both for the increasing number of guests who have concern for where their food is sourced, as well as for those who want to support their local communities.

Accomac Events

The scenic location and historic appeal has led to a natural evolution in adding a catering and events-planning arm to the business….one that has allowed the Accomac Inn’s reach to stretch well beyond its small beginnings. Accomac hosts many guests at both on and off-site events, and year after year we’ve seen a growing attendance. Many guests have walked the grounds that the Accomac Inn stands on, which has seen much over the years; and the tradition will continue as we move forward and continue to grow.

Isn’t it time for you to experience the tradition and expertise of The Accomac? Reserve your table for lunch and dinner any time of the year; or contact our events team and visit accomacevents.com to begin planning your wedding, social gathering, or corporate event.


To escort or not to escort

Escort Cards

When planning a wedding, one of the most frustrating decisions comes in the form of a little piece of paper and a chair… yes, seating charts and whether or not to have them. Even with small, intimate weddings, this can cause a spot of trouble. Many brides want low key, relaxed, “un-stuffy” receptions while many mothers and soon to be mother-in-laws want an escort table with a seating plan. And in this case, Mother knows best. Even if it is a party of 25, the same issues arise as a party of 250. So here are some things to keep in mind to make it easier on you and on your guests.

  • Just because people are assigned to a table doesn’t mean that they are “married” to that table for the evening. After dinner, have your DJ or band encourage people to get up and dance, mingle.
  • Even if you are having stations, having assigned tables makes it easier on your guests. You know that your Uncle Bob has to eat early or that Aunt Mabel will take forever with talking to everyone, so placing them at tables that get released to go to the stations will prevent headaches during and after your wedding.
  • Having a seated served dinner – this is a must. Not only will the caterer know who is getting what with their entree choice, but if your cousin Joe is gluten free, this is the easiest way for the caterer to know which table he is sitting at.
  • It’s a great way for your friends and your future spouse’s friends to become friends. When you have open seating, it is like a middle school lunch hall, someone’s feelings will be hurt and it can ruin your evening. Safe plan – mix friends up a bit. Worried that people won’t have anything to talk about? There are some adorable mad libs and table games on pinterest that will get your guests talking.
  • This plan also helps the inevitable where the two people who dislike one another end up sitting next to each other because there’s no other open seat, or a family of four gets split up because there’s two chairs at one end of the room and two at the other.


How to go about plotting seating plans:

  • Ask your caterer for a diagram of the room. This way you will know what tables are close to which station, the bathroom, etc. Plus then you don’t have to draw it out yourself!
  • Number the tables and then decide how many people to each table.
  • Get some post-it tabs. Each post-it is a person. This way you can move people around.
  • Once you have the perfect plan, put it into a spreadsheet. If you are having a seated served, this is a great way to keep track of who is having what. This way you can email it to your caterer, your invitation studio, and your wedding planner.
  • This is a great lazy Sunday morning project and is something that you and your fiance do together.

There’s Guinness In It!” 2013 At Central Market York

We are really looking forward to participating in this year’s 2013 “There’s Guinness In It” event being held this Thursday, February 28, 2013, from 5:30 to 8pm inside the newly-renovated Central Market York, 34 West Philadelphia Street. A dozen area restaurants and caterers will each create a menu item containing Guinness (an appetizer, entree or dessert), that will be available for sampling.

We decided to take some of the popular drink and turn it into a vinegar by adding some “mother” and allowing it to break down the alcohol thus making a slightly acidic light Guinness tasting vinegar. Call it Guinegar if you wish. The vinegar is going to be used in a red cabbage and apple slaw for our lettuce wraps.

Guinness guinegar


Attendees will get to try our Guinness Brined Smoked Pork Shoulder Lettuce Wraps with a Vinegar Slaw. This will be accompanied by a carrot-apple hot sauce (shown below) that was made with a pepper mash from last year’s very potent Accomac Garden peppers. This sauce will be similar to a Tabasco.

Guinness hotsuace

We look forward to seeing everyone at the event!


Accomac Pop Up Dinner At The Watt Mansion In Lancaster

Accomac Pop Up Dinner at the Watt Mansion in Lancaster held on November 2nd was a huge success – and was our second pop up dinner held. We could not have asked for a more unique, cozy setting. The downstairs livingrooms of the gorgeous mansion were transformed into an intimate dining space for everyone to enjoy. Guests enjoyed a 5 course meal paired with the delicious wine of Tamanend Winery. Thank you to all that attended!

A brief history of The Watt Mansion

“Roslyn” was built in 1896 by celebrated Lancaster architect, C. Emlen Urban.  Mr. Urban was also the designer of many city properties including, but not limited to, Central Market, the Griest Building, Watt & Shand (the soon-to-be convention center), and the Theological Seminary.  This beautiful home is listed on the Lancaster County Historical Sites Register as a “Significant Level I” site, meaning the property is “exceptional” or of top importance.

This baronial mansion was designed for Peter T. Watt [1850-1921], one of the co-founders of the Watt & Shand department store in Penn Square. Mr. Watt presented the property to his wife, Laura, on her birthday. The property remained owned by members of the Watt family for over 70 years.

Roslyn is a two and one half story stone Chateauesque house, with irregular bays, stepped gables, round turrets having dormers and conical roofs, six chimneys, balustraded portico with swag motif, porte cochere, interior stained glass by Rudy Brothers of Pittsburgh. – Source


Here are a few photos from our second Accomac Pop Up Dinner event:


Accomac Pop Up Dinner - Table Setup


Accomac Pop Up Dinner - Tables and room setting


Accomac Pop Up Dinner - Table Decor


Accomac Pop Up Dinner - Fireplace


Accomac Pop Up Dinner -



Accomac Pop Up Dinner - Kitchen


Accomac Pop Up Dinner - Ceiling Details


Accomac Pop Up Dinner - Custom Menu
Accomac Pop Up Dinner - Ravioli close up
Butternut Squash Ravioli with White Chocolate Black Peppercorn Cream
Accomac Pop Up Dinner - Dessert Closeup
Intermezzo – Red Wine Poached Pear with Brie Ice Cream
Accomac Pop Up Dinner - Dessert Closeup
Local Pumpkin Cobbler with Gingerbread Crumble

Let us help organize your wedding, corporate, or social event. Visit us at accomacevents.com to learn more about our custom event planning and catering options. Check out our blog for more information about other events and happenings at The Accomac and Accomac Events.

Firelight Nights are Back at The Accomac For the Winter Season

Last year we introduced a new special night that became extremely popular – Firelight Nights! During these special evenings, guests have the opportunity to dine in the dancing flicker of candles while enjoying dinner illuminated by nothing more than fire this winter. On these select evenings, our Queen Ann Dining room will be lit solely by candles and our real fireplace. The gentle glow will provide a perfect ambiance to escape the frigid outdoor air!

Firelight Nights are back for the season! If you don’t prefer the dim, don’t worry. Our electric lights will be burning in the 2nd floor dining rooms.

2012 dates:

November 16th
November 30th
December 14th
December 28th

Make your reservations here.

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Table Linen Inspirations For Fall Weddings and Events

I am loving these gorgeous table linens for fall weddings and events and wanted to share them with you for Wedding Wednesday. The colors and textures are perfect for this beautiful season. They are also very inspirational for choosing color palettes if you are undecided. If you would like to chat about designing your table-scape or have any questions, please get in touch! – Charlene.

Tickets For Accomac’s 2nd Pop Up Dinner At The Watt Mansion In Lancaster Are Now On Sale

This past spring, the Accomac “popped up” at Central Market York for a Beer vs. Wine Dining Event. This November, we’re popping up again! This time, we are transforming the Watt Mansion in Lancaster into a fabulous, unique restaurant! For one night only, Accomac Inn & Events’ chefs will delight guests in this beautiful setting with a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

What is a Pop Up Restaurant? A  venue that is turned into a restaurant featuring a chef and culinary team that is normally not in that kitchen or venue for a limited period of time, sometimes just one evening.

Tickets for our 2nd pop up dinner at the Watt Mansion in Lancaster are now on sale! Click here to purchase tickets online.

The Menu:

Butternut Squash Ravioli

with White Chocolate Black Peppercorn Cream

Parsnip Soup

with Roasted Shallot Chutney


Red Wine Poached Pear filled with Brie Ice Cream

Local Roast Pork Loin

with Savory Apple Butter Brown Butter Spaetzle
and Bacon Braised Kale

Pumpkin Cobbler

with Ginger Bread Crumble

Welcome cocktail to start off the evening and wine pairing with each course from Tamanend Winery.

$97.50 (All Inclusive)
Very limited seating.

3rd Annual Accomac Farm to Table Dinner Re-Cap

Thank you to everyone that attended our 3rd Annual Accomac Farm to Table Dinner! Despite a few drops of rain, the weather held out for us and we had a beautiful evening at the Farm in celebration of local. Accomac Events’ Executive Chef Ed Dodds wow-ed the crowd not only with his brilliant food, but with a surprise singing performance as well! We are so proud of the entire kitchen staff for doing such a phenomenal job. Additionally, we want to thank the farmers, suppliers, and purveyors for all their hard work in producing the items that were enjoyed that evening. It was a pleasure, as always, to hear from the purveyors and learn about their passions.

Here are a few photos from the evening.

Cocktail hour at the barn

Jeremy Wilson Norris entertained the crowd during cocktail hour!
Specialty cocktail – Peppered Shaw Orchard Pear Brandy with Home Made Vanilla Cream Soda
Cocktail Station in the Barn

Corn Crib Kitchen
Codorun Farm
One of Charlene’s beautiful floral centerpieces
Place Setting
Family style tables in the field. Event Design by Charlene of Accomac Events.
Rustic Centerpieces by Charlene

Allegro Wine

The Menu

Rustic Mason Jar Decor


Thank you again to everyone that attended in support of Local!