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May is for Margaritas

With Memorial Day Weekend beginning today, we are so excited to welcome the “Official Start of Summer.”  Since it’s Friday and nothing quite says summer like a Margarita, here are some unique margarita recipes to try (yes, one does involve Jell-O!!) Everyone loves strawberry margaritas so why not make them in the strawberry?! These require […]

More Fun with Jell-O – Lemon Wedge Shooters

In continuation of our Jell-O theme for summer, Lemon “wedge” shooters are a kick back to the candy fruit slices from our childhoods. These shooters are simple to make and look lovely! Cut 6 lemons in half from end to end and juice the halves, saving the pulp for later. Turn the skin inside out and dig […]

X-Rated Cupcakes

Now that we have your attention, let me explain! Cupcakes have certainly made a huge come back in the past few years, sometimes trumping the traditional wedding cake in many instances. It’s time to take the generic cupcake to an adult level of goodness. Use your imagination. Here are some ideas to help you get […]

Wedding Bubbly

The champagne toast is controversial these days. My take on it is pretty simple. If the bride and groom love Champagne, then you should serve it. Otherwise, just do the toast with whatever drink you have in hand. We throw away a lot of champagne at weddings and it pains me to do so. You […]

Spring Specialty Cocktails

Spring is here! Enjoy one of our new specialty cocktails at Accomac Inn. Blue Lagoon blue curacao, bacardi, amaretto, pineapple juice, rum soaked pineapple. LNO Margarita Wine Cocktail refreshing wine is “like no other!” Made from the nectar of organic blue agave, served over ice. Summer Sunset southern comfort, cointreau, orange & passion fruit pureé, […]

Looking Ahead to Warm Weather Cocktails

Zak is mixing up some fun cocktail creations at the Accomac Bar! Currently, he is busy making a cracked black pepper infused Vodka, and he’s working with Chef Andre on a carrot puree for a summer vegetable cocktail yet to be unveiled. We’re also looking forward to our own cucumber infused Vodka this summer. If […]

Lindt Chocolate and Wine Pairings

Other than shoes, what makes a girl happy? Wine and chocolate of course! We did a post on wine and chocolate pairings a while back. Check that out here. Lindt recently did their homework pairing up what works best and here are the results; Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa pairs well with a Merlot. Sweet fruit […]

Margarita Wine from Tamanend Winery

We keep saying this, but spring can’t come soon enough! We have so many fun, new things we are working on to offer at Accomac Inn. Not to mention, we will be planting our garden for the second season. More info to come on that later. One such offering for the Spring and Summer months […]