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Reasons why you should host a Winter Wedding

All the summer-loving beach-goers are reveling in the peak of their favorite season – not a thought about the cold winter months ahead. With all the fun in the sun, it’s easy to see why summer is the most popular time of the year to tie the knot. Winter – not so much. But that doesn’t mean that winter should be put on the back burner for your special day! A winter wedding can be an extraordinary event – with special opportunities that you wouldn’t be able to have during summer!


The Dress

Thanks to Meghan Markle and the royal wedding back in May – modest, long sleeve dresses are making a comeback. More and more brides are opting for vintage lace trims, classic pearl accents – and capes are replacing veils to make a statement!

A winter wedding can mean the chance to make a statement by wearing a long, trained cape or a [faux] fur wrap to help keep you warm if your event is taking place outside, or in a large space that may be difficult to heat. And just imagine how fierce and luxurious those photos will look!

It really is too bad that those summer brides couldn’t cash in on these hot trends.

Unique Favors

Wedding favors like rice, bubbles, and sparklers are all fine and dandy for a lively affair. However, personalized wedding favors are being sought out so events can stand out from the crowd, and make the occasion more intimate.

For a winter wedding think about providing small winter goodies, embroidered scarves, hats, or gloves with your monogram and wedding date on them so guests can take the memory home with them and stay warm during the soiree. For those who may be on a slightly tighter budget – get crafty! Sit down with your soul-mate and create some custom instant hot cocoa favors for your guests to take home and enjoy afterward.

The Food

Speaking of hot cocoa, that is something that summer wishes it had! Winter weddings are the perfect setting for comfort foods and rich, deep flavors that are otherwise too heavy for summer.

Talk to your caterer and ask about getting a completely custom menu – unique takes on favorite comfort dishes from yours and your partner’s childhood. This will ensure that the dishes you serve your guests are special and unique, but aren’t so far removed and unfamiliar that the pickier eaters may turn their noses up to.

If you’re looking for something fun and interactive for your guests to do instead of just dancing to keep warm – opt for a custom instant hot chocolate or smores bar! Guests can make their own creations that will keep them entertained, warm, and coming back for more!

The Setting

A winter wedding can mean that you’re more limited to the spaces in which you can host your big day – especially if you’re set on a rustic and intimate feel. No one wants to shiver outside in the cold and a barn is just too large to heat efficiently.

Consider historic landmarks and houses in your preferred area! Many are familiar with hosting weddings and other such parties – and nowadays they’ve been upgraded with a more modern heating system to ensure that everyone is comfortable throughout the event. Take The Accomac for example, our upstairs dining room can be reserved for smaller guest lists and events. The age and history of such a location will definitely provide that intimate, elegant, or rustic feel for those seeking that particular mood or setting.

For those thinking about the setting of your photographs, consider wrapping you and your partner in a blanket and going for a stroll in the snow with your photographer in tow. Winter wedding photoshoots may look cold – however, they give the couple a chance to get close and use each other to keep warm before moving on to mingle with guests.

The Colors

Billy Idol said it best when he said: “It’s a nice day for a white wedding.” Winter with its stark white backdrops of snow makes colors more dramatic and deep hues really stand out against the snow, making for some eye-catching photographs.

The most popular colors for a wedding – no matter the time of year – are blue, followed by red. You just deepen or brighten the colors to fit the season – for instance, burgundy is a very popular color for this coming winter. Winter also makes for a perfect time to catch those intimate, moody moments and make your space feel more cozy, warm, and inviting with rich, muted colors and fabrics.

The Timing and Cost

While the trees and bushes may be barren in winter, having a winter wedding means that you’re wallet won’t! Winter wedding hosts will be happy to hear that their nuptials are often more cost-effective than those of their summer counterparts. The average winter bride and groom shells out about $112 dollars per guest compared to $150 or more per guest at a summer wedding!

Additionally, because winter is the least popular season to get married in this often means that venus, caterers, and the like aren’t booked solid – meaning you can often have your first pick of vendor to work with to truly make your dream wedding come true!

Each season is unique – just like every wedding and just because your big day isn’t held during the most popular time of the year doesn’t mean that you can’t get the most out of it and make it the most special and highly memorable event of your life. Winter weddings offer unique opportunities for you and your guests to experience and make this day as unique as you.

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