The long history of the Accomac Inn is one that stands the test of time and ensures its continued stability.

Originally part of a dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland territories in the year 1722, the Accomac Inn has become a landmark in south-central Pennsylvania. At its beginning, the area was known as “Anderson’s Ferry”, which, in addition to the ferry, operated as an inn and tavern in the late 1700’s and early 1800s. At the time, the ferry was the only means of traveling across the Susquehanna River in a north/south direction. The 270-year-old foundation has seen countless guests, many proprietors, several floods, one scandal, and one fire. With a story as rich as this, the Accomac Inn isn’t slowing down any time soon.

The Accomac Restaurant, Spring 2018

Accomac Inn

In every reincarnation, the building has housed a restaurant. When the current owner, Doug  Campbell, bought the building in 1971 it was a quaint fisherman’s bar, which he then turned into a french restaurant focused on special occasion dining. Over the past 47 years, the cuisine has transitioned to an elevated farm-to-table experience. We’ve partnered with local farms and markets to secure seasonal ingredients that we include in our continually rotating menu.

It’s not just farms that provide the delicious vegetables. Doug, a fan of home-grown, heirloom tomatoes, makes it a point to grow select vegetables right on The Accomac grounds… vegetables that inevitably end up being served alongside other seasonal favorites. The focus on transitioning from french cuisine to a farm-to-table experience was a move that’s placed The Accomac in an ideal situation to appeal to a wider audience and a more casual atmosphere, both for the increasing number of guests who have concern for where their food is sourced, as well as for those who want to support their local communities.

Accomac Events

The scenic location and historic appeal has led to a natural evolution in adding a catering and events-planning arm to the business….one that has allowed the Accomac Inn’s reach to stretch well beyond its small beginnings. Accomac hosts many guests at both on and off-site events, and year after year we’ve seen a growing attendance. Many guests have walked the grounds that the Accomac Inn stands on, which has seen much over the years; and the tradition will continue as we move forward and continue to grow.

Isn’t it time for you to experience the tradition and expertise of The Accomac? Reserve your table for lunch and dinner any time of the year; or contact our events team and visit to begin planning your wedding, social gathering, or corporate event.