Port Call

A wine registry is a great option instead of the traditional bridal registry

With the cooler weather moving in, we are finding ourselves longing for the warm embrace of sunny, sultry coasts of Northern Portugal. While the Douro Valley may be the birthplace of Port, there is really nothing like sipping on some port and enjoying a cheese board after a fantastic meal by the fire at Accomac. We are starting to encourage our fall and winter brides to incorporate this fun concept as a “nightcap” course with their reception. There are so many fun ways to display cheese and not have it feel pretentious. It is also a great way to still have a dessert course for those who don’t have a sweet tooth. We have had brides do a cheese “cake” where the wheels are stacked of different varieties with fruits and chocolates, others have chosen to make it an action station where they can have one of our skilled bar tenders suggest and pour ports to go with each guests selection. Looking for some creative ways to incorporate this into your wedding – head on over to our pintrest boards to check out some fun and fabulous displays.

Zach suggests the following ports:
“Graham’s Six Grapes, which is our sweetest port.  Sandeman’s Founders Reserve Port, which is our lightest, but still sweeter, port.  And Taylor Fladgate 2005 Vintage Port which is our most complex port, all of which pair great with cheese and dessert”.
Whether you are just starting to broaden your horizons or have an experienced palate, we have a little bit of everything for everyone in our port.