The day of your wedding is going to fly by!
Most wedding receptions are four hours long. If you take your total budget and divide it by 240, you realize what each minute is costing you. My point in saying that is to remind you to enjoy and savor every minute of your reception. As an Event Designer that witnesses many wedding receptions, I felt compelled to share one thing to consider while pondering this subject and that is the option of first look photos.  Although the tradition of seeing each other during the ceremony is nice, sometimes it just does not make sense. The truth of the matter is, your fiancé will go gaga over you regardless of where you are the first time he sees you in your wedding dress.  Once you weigh all of the options you can decide on what’s best for you on your big day.

Here are just a few benefits of first look photos to consider:

1. Couples that get their portrait photos done earlier in the day are able to enjoy every minute of the wedding reception.
2. Your guests won’t wonder where you are while they’re inside enjoying the party.
3.  You are able to share a special, memorable, intimate moment between the two of you.
4. Seeing each other beforehand helps ease nervousness and stress for the ceremony.
5. Your portrait photos will not be rushed.
6. Your hair and makeup will be fresh. (No post ceremony makeup runs because of tears to worry about.)
7. If your ceremony is in the evening you will still be able to get natural light portraits (this is especially true for fall and winter weddings when the sun sets earlier!)