For today’s Wedding Wednesday post, I wanted to share these fun and somewhat surprising wedding stats from The Knot!

1. The average bridesmaid dress costs $147…and only 2 percent of bridesmaids will actually wear their dresses again. (Read more about the average cost of being a bridesmaid in a previous post.)

2. 69% of brides will wear a veil.

3. 20% of couples have a groom’s cake. Here are some pretty funny and somewhat crazy groom’s cake ideas.

4. 8% of grooms get a pre-wedding peek at the dress.

5. One out of every 10 brides doesn’t wear white or ivory. (Be one of the “1 in 10” and try a beautiful blush dress instead of white or ivory.)

6. 25% of couples have themed weddings. (Have a destination wedding theme and transform your space to anywhere in the world with these tips.)

7. One in five couples include purple in their wedding color palette.

Happy Wedding Wednesday!