Inspirations from Charlene’s trip to England continue… (Read parts one, two, & three)

Today was a perfect day in terms of weather and first on the agenda was a cab to Fortnum and Mason. Ali had been so excited about visiting this store!  We arrived at about 9:45 a.m. and made our way to the rear of the building where they were still serving breakfast. I enjoyed well-prepared crepes with fresh berries and the best buttery croissant that has ever crossed my lips.  Ali enjoyed musli and a basket of tea cakes with assorted jams. Silver tea service rounded out our perfect breakfast, but we didn’t waste any time knowing that the store opened their doors at 10:00 a.m.

The gorgeous window treatments boasting the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee were a spectacle and caught the eye of every camera on the sidewalks. Our favorite was the lion playing a harp!

The bottom floor of the store was like walking into Willie Wonka’s chocolate land with wall to wall Easter eggs of every size and shape ranging from $1.oo to hundreds of dollars for intricately cut out eggs with delicate sugar flowers.

The confectioner’s counter beautifully displayed truffles, jellied candies, house-made marshmallows, and fudge. The tea and coffee section was spectacular as well!

Next, we came across an absolutely stunning display of wedding cakes to the likes of which I’ve never seen. I still don’t know what design I would choose if I had to. (View photos of the wedding cakes here.)

The gifts available here are just marvelous. We particularly admired their famous hampers stuffed with gifts for any occasion from a new baby to a wedding.

When we entered the honey and jam section, I was blow away the varieties of honey!  Fortnum and Mason raises their own bees on the rooftop, which was of great interest to me. There was just so much to look at- breads, meat pies, terrines, incredible displays of fruit, produce, and much more.

Moving on to another floor, we found kitchen-wares, jewelry, handbags, makeup, perfume, lingerie, wine, cheese, and pretty much anything you could ask for. It seemed like we were there for days when we finally emerged into daylight and hailed another cab to continue our shopping.