This past March, Charlene, President of Accomac Inn and Events, traveled with her daughter to London, England. During the trip, she kept a travel journal and this week she will be sharing portions of the journal on the blog discussing the Euro side of Farm to Table, along with other garden and food inspirations! Enjoy!

Once landing in London our job was to begin the train process for getting to Chichester. Once arriving, we decided to explore the grounds. First, we went to The West Dean Gardens at West Dean College in Chichester. The school has a very small student body who are active in maintaining the gardens on the 90 acre estate. The greenhouses were the most well kept houses I’ve ever seen, filled with newborns popping their heads out of the ground waiting for the warmth of the sunlight to enhance their growth.

The fruit trees were all trimmed and trained with precision. Some were trained along brick walls and others formed gorgeous arches along the walkways. The two large looking pear items are actually green gourds that stood roughly 12 inches tall. At this time of the year, the lettuces were just peaking through, as were the fresh herbs.

We then headed to the other end of the campus, down a long windy back road where we found hills packed with the fattest sheep I’ve ever seen. It was quite a sight!

Back at our hotel, we learned of a pub about a mile or so up the road for dinner. With map in hand, we headed off to find the Partridge Inn Pub. The place turned out to be a great little pub. We started with fresh baked breads and dips. It was an assortment of pita, baguette and brown bread with the best hummus I have ever tasted and a wonderful salsa.  Ali ordered bangers and mash, while I went the fish & chip route with mashed minted peas. The food was fabulous. My fish and chips came in a large bowl lined with newspaper,then a sheet of wax paper. The fish was served whole minus the head and the tartar sauce was delicious with chunks of pickles and capers. The minted peas tasted like they were just picked out of the garden.  Dessert was an almond pear torte with a side of toffee honeycomb ice cream.