This past March, Charlene, President of Accomac Inn and Events, traveled with her daughter to London, England. During the trip, she kept a travel journal and this week she will be sharing portions of the journal on the blog discussing the Euro side of Farm to Table, along with other garden and food inspirations! Enjoy… Read Part 1 here.

Roux at Parliament Square

After a lovely tour of Westminster Abbey, we had lunch at Roux on Parliament Square. Housed in an unsuspecting corner of the square, Roux is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of London. We both choose the 3-course lunch menu. We began with an amuse bouche of mackerel tar tare. We were also offered lovely baked breads served French style.

Ali had a chicken and ham terrine with finely ground popcorn, micro greens, and a streak of yellow mustard, while I had creamed cauliflower soup with wild mushrooms and micro greens with a side of Gruyère filled choux pastry balls. Next came my pink grilled trout served on creamed potatoes laced with tiny shrimp, clams, calamari, paper-thin broccolini, and white asparagus in the lightest sauce on earth. Ali’s next course was honey, pan-roasted quail with a parsnip puree. The flavors had such affinity for one another. The serving sizes were just right and the food was absolutely incredible!

For dessert, I enjoyed a fresh rhubarb sorbet with meringue and ginger mousse on a bed of stewed rhubarb. Ali had a plum and almond torte with cinnamon ice cream.While we were feasting on our desserts, we enjoyed watching other guests being served their cheese course from a beautiful selection of local cheeses. Each of the 20 varieties were sliced table-side by a knowledgeable cheesemonger. Afterwards, we were presented with warm, lemon madeline cookies and house made, passion fruit marshmallows. Ali and I agreed that Roux was a top contender for “Best part of the trip”!