One of our extremely talented servers and a York county native, Shannon Sylte, developed a Permaculture Plan for the 2012 Accomac Culinary Garden.

Shannon is a certified Permaculture designer applying her skills to develop ecological garden designs and educate individuals of the benefits gained from reconnecting with the land.  Permaculture is an approach to the design and maintenance of landscapes and communities that seeks to mimic the relationships found in natural ecosystems.

This 2012 growing season, Shannon designed a plan for the Inn’s garden that introduces native plants, insectory plants, and companion planting to the plot which will encourage greater produce yield. By designing gardens that imitate nature’s patterns, Shannon is able to display that the correct location and pairing of plants can produce a lush, prolific garden without the extensive labor of conventional planting.

Here’s a glimpse into our plan:

Based on Shannon’s Permaculture Plan, we will be adding basil, marigolds, fennel, dill, comfrey, corn, beans, tiger lillies, and nasturtium to our current crops. Each plant serves a beneficial role in building and maintaining a small, garden ecosystem.

"Feel Your Roots" by Shannon Sylte (click to view more artwork by Shannon)

As a freelance painter, designer, and environmental enthusiast, Shannon also aims to better connect guests of  Accomac Inn with the source of the entrees by displaying her paintings of the progression of the restaurant’s garden throughout the season.

View Shannon’s artwork at and contact her at