When it comes to planning a wedding or event, there is no question about the amount of decisions it takes to make the event successful. It is easy to overlook some of the logistical details, but these things can make or break an event. One example of this is the number of bar servers at your event.

Many venues manage their own alcohol and provide their own bar servers. It’s imperative to have something in writing that states the number of bar servers scheduled for your event. We’ve seen events with one bar server for as many as 180 guests! You can imagine the level of frustration the guests felt when they had to wait in line most of the night for one drink.

In many cases, the catering personnel is not allowed to serve alcohol due to the liability issues involved. When this is not understood, many will wonder why the catering staff is not stepping in to alleviate the pile-up at the bar. To your guests,  it may look like the caterer dropped the ball when in fact the facility was understaffed. Caterers can pull this trick too if you’re not careful. Bottom line, make sure your bar is covered and be sure to ask how many servers will be working the bar.

Here are things you must consider:
* Is it a full bar or just beer and wine?
* Is there a butlered cocktail as guest’s arrive?
* Is there a Champagne toast?
* Is there dinner wine service at each table?
* Is the ceremony on site? If so, you’ll need more bar service due to everyone arriving at one time. If they get married off site, the guests stagger in.

For large groups, consider having a specialty drink butlered to guests as they enter the reception. This takes instant stress off of the bar and gives your guests the chance to have the instant gratification of a cocktail. Knowing how many bar servers to have is not cut and dry so be sure you are working with a professional that you trust. Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions!