image courtesy of Posh Productions Event Planning and Design

With all of the rain we had in the east this past summer, one can only imagine how many pairs of shoes were ruined as a result of getting stuck in the mud. As you explore different venues looking for the perfect place to get married, think about what it will be like for your guests to walk from one spot to another, especially if there’s a good distance between the ceremony site and the reception.

Prior to signing a contract , it is a good idea to go to your venue in  high heels after it has rained and see how comfortable you are getting from one place to another. It might seem silly as you’re reading this, but if you actually go through this exercise, you’ll learn a lot from it.

I’ve mentioned before in a previous post about supplying a basket of fun flip flops for guests attending your reception. This doesn’t just apply to weddings on the beach! There’s nothing worse than getting both heels stuck in the grass and not being able to move. If you can’t stand the flip flop idea, at least supply a basket of “heel wipes” in the ladies room and identify it accordingly.