Salon Nouveau is located at 3602 East Market Street York, PA. Photo by Kim Winey Photography. Click here to view their other photos on Facebook.

Crystal Hagan from Salon Nouveau in York is back on the blog today for Wedding Wednesday discussing bridal beauty and getting your skin into perfect condition. Salon Nouveau is now offering a new treatment called Radiancy.

Crystal explains the benefits of this treatment:

Radiancy is a micro phototherapy treatment using light and heat energy directed at the dermal layer of the skin to stimulate new cells.  So, with the same technology being utilized in medical offices for skin rejuvenation, this device allows me to offer a real visible change in the skin with the series of Radiancy treatments.  The light and heat energy is emitted in gentle pulses that trigger the skin to rebuild collagen.  This helps with firming and line reduction.  The other great benefit of the series is that hyperpigmentation (brown spots) are diminished with the skin regaining an over-all creamy, smooth tone.  Redness, such as tiny broken capillaries, is also greatly improved.

For younger skin not needing as much in the way of repairment, the treatments even out oily and dry areas. It also gives the skin a beautiful, healthy glow, while helping to stimulate the collagen that will keep signs of aging at bay.  For anyone with a special occasion coming up, such as a wedding, Radiancy treatments are a perfect, non-invasive way to get your skin looking its absolute best.  There is no down-time with this treatment, meaning you can come in for a quick 45 minute appointment and leave with glowing skin that doesn’t need covered up.  This is especially important for the busy bride who always seems to have to squeeze in appointments between meetings and work.

Another benefit is that this is not an uncomfortable procedure.  The treatment is tailored to each individual’s comfort level so there is no need for apprehension or pain, and after the first few pulses, the client can relax and enjoy their me-time.  Brides and mothers-of-the-bride can expect to see the full result from the Radiancy series within 30-60 days after they have completed their series.  The series is done in a 4 week period, with an average of 2 treatments per week.  The full series consists of 8 treatments.  The reason for the intensive series is to get the maximum results for your skin by continuing to stimulate the new cells deep in the skin to get a long-lasting effect.  The skin looks noticeably brighter and refreshed with just one treatment, and they will be amazed how their skin looks even better 30 to 60 days after the series is finished!  This is due to the nature of the cell renewal process.  This needs to be done only twice a year to maintain your results!

I would recommend starting the Radiancy treatments about 2 months before a wedding for a younger bride, 35 and under, and up to 3 months before a wedding for anyone 35 and over to time their results to coincide with the big day.  Radiancy can also be added onto any facial, to enhance absorption of products and give that glow to the skin, which is a great option for any time, especially in between your bi-annual series.  Radiancy treatments are fast, safe and effective and I am so excited to be sharing this with my clients and hope you will find this information useful as well!