If you’re feeling a bit under-the-weather, perhaps from the change of seasons, ginger might be what you need! Ginger has been known as a natural health remedy since ancient times. It’s benefits include treatment for colds/cough, voice problems and digestive issues. According to Natural Health Cure, taking 2 tsp of juice of ginger, fresh lemon and honey in equal quantities early in the morning aids in digestion, increases appetite and improves blood circulation.

Even simply grating a few teaspoons of fresh ginger into a cup of warm water and drinking it will help immensely. Read more about the health benefits of ginger here.

If tea is not your thing, we also found THESE:

Ginger Cookies image by epicurious.com

These fantastic Ginger Cookies are made from ginger three-ways: fresh ginger, ground ginger, and crystallized ginger. Click here for the full recipe. Go ahead and indulge – guilt free! After all, they’re medicine, right? 🙂