I was so excited when I was asked to be a judge of Park Street Pantry and YorKitchen’s first ever “Pantry Challenge” competition held at Central Market York this past Saturday. This event was a spin off of the popular show, “Chopped.”

The two chefs, one from White Rose Bar and Grill and one from the Yorktowne Hotel, both did an excellent job.  They were given a mystery basket that contained kale, cotton candy, buffalo meat, blood oranges and quinoa. They were given $20.00 to go out into the market and buy ingredients, then they had only 20 minutes to prepare their items.

Chef Ryan from the White Rose presented a buffalo kebab with braised kale and quinoa salad. He melted down the cotton candy into the blood oranges to make a sauce for the buffalo kebab. Chef Jason from the Yorktowne prepared a bison stew made with a base of kale. He also meted down the cotton candy into the kale.
White Rose came in first place on presentation, but the Yorktowne came out on top for creativity and taste.

It was a fun event and I was thrilled to be part of it!
– Charlene