Recently, I traveled to Tampa, Florida to attend the 2012 Special Event Show at the Tampa Convention Center. I have returned inspired and bursting with new ideas from action stations to decor. I’m really excited to share three centerpiece concepts that I’m absolutely loving. These can be tweaked and altered to fit your event or wedding.

We’ve received many requests recently for my new fresh herb centerpieces. This is yet another interactive way for your guests to have fun. The vessel for these centerpieces can be elegant crystal vases, glass cubes filled with peat moss or rustic planter boxes. We fill the containers with a variety of fresh herb plants marked with stylish pick labels. The picks can be as simple as popsicle sticks covered in chalkboard paint for a shabby-chic look.

This adorable chalkboard sticks photo is from pomme designs. Visit the original post here with the project details for making your own!

We can also help suggest which herbs pair well with the foods that are being served. This is a great way to allow your guests to put on a little extra seasoning if they so desire. If you’re worried about a lack of color in the centerpiece, don’t be! I’ve given these a punch of color by utilizing edible flowers from Brogue Hydroponics or by wrapping the outside of the vase with gorgeous ribbons. You could also use colored rocks or colored floral foam as a base in a clear vessel.

Edible Flowers from Brogue Hydroponics in Brogue, PA. Photo by the Susquehanna Photographic.

For an elegant centerpiece statement use a tall square or cylindrical clear glass vase filled with water. Submerge your favorite colored orchid in the water and illuminate with a waterproof LED light. To take this concept to the next level, top with a crystal embellished lampshade. I used a similar lampshade centerpiece concept for a holiday-themed party this past December.  Instead of using water and submerged flowers, I used illuminated crystals as shown below.

For traditional centerpieces, we’re using a lot of fairy beads that come in a variety of colors. The best part is, they pulsate throughout the night. They’re cool especially for outdoor events because the lights don’t appear at first. As the night goes on, however, the centerpieces take on an entirely different look when the light show inside the vases and flowers begins.  I’ve also been using battery-operated, fiber optic sprays. They too allow the centerpiece to take on another personality as the evening draws near. My favorite take on this concept is a simple illuminated calla lily. I embed tiny led lights in the base of the lily. They can be submersed in water with a simple floating candle or they can stand upright appearing to be magically illuminated as the night falls.

Watch the fairy lights in action!