Last night we held our first Culinary Garden 2012 meeting. Discussions included our plan for an expanded container garden at Accomac Inn as well as plans for Codorun Farms. We are so grateful for the participation & involvement of many of our chefs and servers. It is wonderful to have a staff that is excited to participate in this endeavor and passionate about local, sustainable agriculture.

We have a great plan in place with plantings of potatoes starting as early as March! We’re going to grow melons in a separate patch this year, as they were too invasive for the rest of the garden.

Swiss chard, kale, and beets will go in early April. zucchini and squash will be late April.

In May we will plant tomatoes, green peppers, hot peppers, cucumbers, watermelon and various other sweet melons.

We will begin our butternut and other hard squash plantings in June.

We’re so anxious to see what Chef Ty Paup has in store for us with his fabulous heirloom seeds and will keep you in the loop as soon as he is ready to divulge the heirloom varieties of the intended plantings.

Meanwhile, Chef Ed Dodds will work closely with our “can do man” Larry Moody to build out our new raised garden bed at The Inn. This will be the new home for our edible herbs and flowers!

That’s it for now until it’s tilling time in just a few short weeks. Until then, check out our video from last year’s culinary garden: