Various Toppings at an Action Station catered by Accomac Events (photo by The Susquehanna Photographic)

Interactive food stations are becoming more common especially when caterers like Accomac Events consider the need to satisfy the entertainment component associated with today’s events.

We’ve talked about Bourbon tasting stations paired with your favorite BBQ sandwiches and sauces as well as stations offering wine pairings alongside small plates of ethnic and traditional foods. This fun tasting experience gives your guests a chance to sample dishes and beverages that they might not normally try. For those on a tight budget, we’ve suggested the “devil in disguise” station where guests can create their own deviled egg with various toppings and fresh herb seasonings.

Now to take things to the next level…Who doesn’t feel motivated to create their own masterpiece when given the tools to do so? I for one was always drawing with crayons intended for my daughter while waiting for dinner to be served at casual restaurants when she was young. Here’s your chance to let your guests run wild with their imagination with our new “spin art action station.”

How it works: Each guest will take their plate for a spin through our artful display of squeeze bottles filled with colorful, fragrant sauces displayed on a giant acrylic artist palette. These sauces will act as the base for your guests’ creations that will be capped off with fresh pasta made table side by our chefs. Their masterpiece will be finished with their choice of colorful toppings. The same concept can be used with a taco bar. Guests paint their soft taco shells with various chili & mole sauces. The action chef will then fill each taco with freshly sauteed pork or chicken and their work of art is finished with their choice of various toppings like fresh cilantro, diced jalapeƱo peppers, house-made salsas, and cheese. The same concept could work for Chinese and Indian food stations!

If you’d rather hold off on this idea until later in the evening, try it as a dessert bar concept. Start with something as simple as a dessert pizza with squeeze bottle toppings of dark chocolate, raspberry coulis, butterscotch and white chocolate. Get creative with your party!