Bourbon’s back! Well, it never really went away, but nowadays connoisseurs and rookies alike are using bourbon in new and interesting ways. If you have an affinity for bourbon, consider taking your next getaway trip to the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky where the corn grows like wildflowers and the whiskey, moonshine, and rich bourbons flow like water.

Dating back as far as the early 1770’s, nestled in the backwoods of the Smokey Mountains, early settlers learned how to grow and distill corn to make unaged whiskey and moonshine. Once aged in oak barrels, the whiskey would take on a rich dark color and a smooth palatable flavor known as bourbon.

Today, bourbon’s rich flavor and history are making a strong comeback and Accomac Inn is joining the party. Our resident mixologist and General Manager, Zach Seitz, is no stranger to infusing alcohols with unique flavors. What better libation to experiment with than bourbon? After aging 8, 12, or 20 years, higher end bourbons are accustomed to soaking in spicy or buttery flavors.

Visit Accomac Inn for dinner by a cozy fire and try Zach’s Kumquat Confit. This concoction is comprised of vanilla nut cream tea, Maker’s Mark Bourbon, candied grapefruit zest, candied kumquats, and a splash of grapefruit juice.

Zach’s Kumquat Confit Cocktail at Accomac Inn