Move over cupcake, pie is on the move. There something so incredibly comforting about
a homemade pie and these desserts have made a huge comeback on the wedding and event 
scene. Accomac Events' pastry Chef Lauren McAllister and Executive Chef Ed Dodds have 
been baking up some amazing one bite pies for our dessert selections. Bite-sized apple 
pies are getting savory flavor additions like bacon and cheddar and our lemon curd pie 
bites are divine with the addition of lemon cello.
Lemon Pie Bites(image courtesy of Sweet Revelations.)

Now we"re taking the next step by offering our guests "pie" at
their bar with Monin's new syrup flavors of apple pie, blueberry pie,
pecan pie and pumpkin pie. These new syrups offer a nice combination
of sweetness from the fruit aspect alongside the savory flavors of pie
crust. For example, the apple pie syrup's tasting notes include: Granny
Smith apple and baked pie crust flavors with subtle notes of cinnamon and
caramelized sugar. The syrups are also vegan and gluten free! 

The uses are endless - lattes,soda bars, pie-tinis and shakes would all
benefit from these delicious syrups.