Today for Wedding Wednesday I’m talking about color and going against the norm!

I was recently asked, “What other colors are good for a wedding dress besides white?” 

Consider the blush dress. This color is romantic, sexy, soft, and would play well with a variety of bridesmaids dress options like Taupe, Silver and Plum.

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When choosing your wedding dress & bridesmaid dress colors, the main thing is to keep your skin and hair tone in mind. Each person in the wedding party is a piece to the overall puzzle. As a bride, I’d suggest thinking about the finished product. Stand back and think of what the overall color scheme would look like to you as if you were a guest.

The nice thing about the blush dress is how well it coordinates with white or ivory shoes and pearl accessories. It also works well with silver and gold accents and is very versatile on a variety of skin tone types! When wearing a blush dress, I’d suggest staying with shades of pink for the lips, as bright shades of orange tend to dull those pearly whites. There are a nice variety of eye shadow shades to consider with a blush dress like moss green, coffee, plum, lavender, silver, & taupe.

How beautiful is this blush and plum color combination? image courtesy of Pocketful of Dreams

If you still want a little bit of the white wedding dress tradition, but want to step out of the lines a bit, go with a stark contrast on the white with something like red or black.

I like using these accent colors on a traditional white or ivory dress because they’re fun and different, especially if you’re willing to wear a knock out shoe color to tie in the selected accent color on your dress. How fabulous is a dark haired bride with luscious red lipstick, a white wedding dress, and killer red satin heels.

If you’re somewhere in the middle on this subject, something as simple as a Tiffany Blue colored sash can really make a bride stand out without seeming extreme.