What’s your poison this holiday season? Something sweet and tangy? Maybe rich and bold? Whatever your favorite libation may be, try one of these new spirits for something different this year:

The new French liqueur, Or-G, blended with premium French vodka, natural persimmon, papaya, and mango and lime juices will add a sweet, yet, tart flavor to any drink this season.

Van Gogh’s Rich Dark Chocolate Vodka is a great choice for holiday dessert martinis. The base for this spirit is a strong chocolate aroma with hints of coffee, nutmeg and spice. It is then complemented with undertones of cocoa, chili pepper, and caramel flavors.

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Whether you prefer your cocktail on or off the rocks, try one of Camus Certified Single Vintage Cognacs. These limited edition vintages boast strong aromas and flavors of plum and blackcurrant.