We are thrilled to receive the Award of Excellence from the distinguished sommelier publication, Wine Spectator again for 2011.

Information and Criteria About The Wine Spectator Awards:

Wine Director/Sommelier: Provided by the restaurants, these are the people responsible for managing the wine list and assisting diners with their wine selections. (As staff turnover in the restaurant industry can be high, this information is subject to change.)

Wine Strengths: Determined by our judges, this indicates the emphasis of the list, not all the regions from which wines are offered. Wine strengths are listed in descending order of their prominence.

Wine Selections: Indicates the number of selections on the restaurant’s list at the time the award is conferred. For Grand Award winners, this information is followed by the total number of bottles in the restaurant’s inventory.

Wine Pricing: Determined by our judges, this describes the overall pricing of the wine list, taking into account both the general markup of wines offered and the number of wines at high and low price points. Inexpensive lists offer many bottles for less than $50, while also employing a below-normal markup (generally considered to be 2 to 2.5 times the wholesale bottle price). Moderate lists use the industry norm for markup, with a range of both less expensive and expensive offerings. Expensive lists offer wines at a greater-than-normal markup, along with many selections for more than $100 a bottle. Wine pricing is not a judging criterion, it is provided merely as a guide for the reader.

Corkage: Provided by the restaurants, this indicates the corkage fee charged per bottle to customers. Corkage fees, which can range greatly, are typically charged per 750ml bottle, so plan to pay double if you bring in a magnum. Some restaurants do not permit diners to bring in their own wine; others are simply prohibited to do so by state or local regulations. If you plan to bring your own wine to a restaurant, always call ahead to confirm its corkage policy.

Cuisine Type and Menu Prices: Provided by the restaurants, these list the style of food served and the price range for dinner entrées, respectively. Restaurants that offer only a prix fixe menu are indicated accordingly, with the price (or range of prices) per menu.