So, is it your Maid of Honor or is it your future Mother in Law? Regardless of who or what has you torqued up, it’s a good idea to tell yourself “this too shall pass”. It’s important to dwell on the good things that take place while planning a wedding, no matter how trivial they are. It’s equally, if not more important to forget the little stuff that gets in the way. Put it all in perspective and things will work out. Sometimes a little help is needed along the way. Exercise, sleep and proper foods must be your best friends to help calm those nerves and keep you healthy.

B Vitamins are known as the anti-stress vitamins because they help boost your immune system. As you know, a healthy immune system means less sickness during stressful times.

Lemon Balm (known as a medicinal herb) and Lavender Balm help relax you and promote sleep when used in conjunction with other calming herbs.

Have a cup of tea!

Chamomile also aids in sleep, which helps promote a healthy mind and body. So have a nice hot cup of tea and stay relaxed.

Stay away from sugary, fatty and processed foods. They slow your body down, which is the last thing you need.

As an aside, here are some herbs for you to keep in your recipe index to start cooking with for added health benefits:

Cayenne– helps regulate blood sugar (do not take when pregnant or nursing)

Peppermint- Helps with indigestion, bloating and gas

Thyme- Also helps with indigestion and when used as a gargle it helps with sore throats too!

Cinnamon- can help decrease cholesterol, blood pressure and triglyceride levels.

Although it may be stressful at moments, enjoy this special time in your life!!