This past weekend, we had the pleasure of attending the Pennsylvania Herb & Garden Festival at The York Expo Center. We made our way around the crowed room, which was stocked full of fresh, locally-grown herbs of every kind. Our goal was to purchase edible plants for the planter boxes at the Accomac Inn and that we did! Here are the yummy varieties we picked up:

Pineapple Mint


Pineapple Sage with edible flowers

Society Garlic with edible flowers



Chocolate Mint (This will be perfect with Zak’s new chocolate cocktail rimmers)

Orange Mint

Mojito Mint

Purple Basil

Green and Purple Basil

Society Garlic was an interesting find!  The flowers and leaves are both edible. The story is this:  Society Garlic comes from Capetown, South Africa. Legend has it that Cupid shot an arrow into the air and it went through a violet and landed in the globe of the garlic. The flower is really a violet that tastes like garlic. The leaves can be used as a chive, but it is mainly the flower portion that is used for salads, pastas and vegetable dishes. As soon as you eat the blossoms, another will appear.

Society Garlic Flowers (image courtesy of

Stay tuned for more herb info as we head toward the summer season!