image courtesy of Ordinary Recipes Made Gourmet

We have Organic Norland Red Potatoes, Organic Kennebec Potatoes, and Organic Yukon Gold Potatoes slated for the garden this year. Take a few new twists into consideration the next time you have spuds on your plate. Aside from wonderful light salads for the summer, mashed potatoes will always be a standard favorite.  Wasabi kicks them up a bit, or try Kimchi Mash as a new item on your dinner plate.

Make your own potato chips this year with bacon infused aioli, or fresh chive and sour cream dipper.

The next time you’re hungry for fries covered in gravy, replace the gravy with Elk ragout or duck confit.

The new spud look for baked potatoes this summer is refreshing and easy on the calorie intake too. Try toppings like artichokes, lemon zest and kalamata olives or low fat ricotta cheese with capers and roasted tomatoes, or fresh picked arugula, turkey bacon and fat free sour cream.