Merry Christmas Eve! As you are celebrating the holiday with family and friends this weekend, here are two great pomegranate recipes for you to serve. Cheers to all! 🙂

Spiced Pears & Pomegranate
2 Cups Pomegranate Juice
2 Tablespoons dark brown sugar
¼ teaspoon allspice
4 Pears
1Tablespoon Butter
½ cups pomegranate seeds
1 Bunch of Fresh Mint

In a large saucepan with lid, combine juice, brown sugar, allspice and butter. Cook over medium heat and stir until the brown sugar is melted. Peel your pears, leaving the stems on! Cut about ¼ inch across the bottom of each pear so they’ll stand up straight on your serving plate. Place each pear in the sauce on their sides and cover for about 25 minutes on medium heat.  Turn the pears every so often while cooking so they’ll cook evenly through.

Once the pears are tender, transfer them from the large saucepan to a pretty platter. Continue cooking the sauce over a high heat for 15 minutes until the liquid is reduced to1 cup/ Drizzle the sauce over the pears just before serving time and garnish the place with fresh pomegranate seeds and a few sprigs of mint.

Pomegranates are a superfood, so get eating them while they’re in season.  It is said that they are packed with antioxidants that help lower cholesterol and they can reduce the risk of heart disease. The name of the antioxidant found in this fruit is Polyphenols, which are also found in Concord grapes, red wine, artichokes, parsley, strawberries and tea.

Curl up this Christmas with another great pomegranate recipe:

Cozy PAMA Cider: 2 ounces PAMA Pomegranate Liqueur ½ Ounce Vodka 3 Ounces Hot Mulled Cider Cinnamon Super Fine Sugar Cinnamon StickHeat your glass, dip the lip of the glass in warm water and dip into a shallow dish of the cinnamon and fine sugar to rim your glass. Add PAMA liqueur, vodka and hot cider. Garnish with a cinnamon stick.Not only are pomegranates delicious and healthy, but they make beautiful additions to centerpieces too!!image courtesy of