If you love the thought of a destination wedding, but don’t want to go through the hassle, transform your venue into any place in the world :

The cost of having a destination wedding is restricting in so many ways. Not to mention, your guests may have a some problems making the trip. Why not rent a venue that has a lot of blank wall space and transform the room into your intended destination by using a variety of giant backdrops?

The choices are endless… from beaches, to cruise ships, Cities like Greece and Rome, Times Square and Vegas, to a horse track, baseball field or Amazon jungle! We can even make you feel like you’re on stage with several backdrops that give the illusion of your guests being on a variety of stages with lush, red draped curtains. Simple street scenes, wild flower gardens, woodland rivers or rose gardens are fun options as well.

Combining the backdrops with additional live elements really makes this concept work.  For example, the garden scene works well with bringing in a wooden arbor decorated with flowers, adding flower boxes with live shrubs around the perimeter of the room and placing the band under a tent top.

Don't give up your dream of a destination wedding - turn your venue into Paris! (photo courtesy of luvtrip.com)