We all know that Brussel Sprouts are good for you, but for some they are just not palatable at all! Here are three great ways to disguise these little devils. Before you stop reading, maybe these health benefits will be enough to entice you to give them a try.

(These health benefits are from Cookinglight.com)

Like other cruciferous vegetables, Brussels sprouts are full of phytonutrients (natural plant compounds), which may help protect against cancer. They’re also a good source of:

• Vitamins A and C, which help fight against such ailments as heart disease, cancer, and cataracts (one half cup of sprouts provides more than 80 % of the recommended daily amount of vitamin C)

• Potassium, which helps lower blood pressure and maybe even cholesterol

• Folate, which is necessary for normal tissue growth and may protect against cancer, heart disease, and birth defects

• Iron, necessary for maintaining red blood cell count

• Fiber, which aids in digestion and helps lower cholesterol

image courtesy of beachloverkitchen.com

Option 1- Use a vegetable grater and shave the Brussel sprouts on to the next pizza you make. You’ll never know that’s what you’re eating, honest!

Option 2-Boil your Brussel Sprouts for 6 minutes, drain and cut each one in half.  On medium heat, place a little olive oil in a sauté pan along with a few tablespoons of brown sugar. Stir until the sugar is well incorporated and add the Brussel Sprouts placing the flat side down. Let the brown sugar carmelize on the flat side of the sprouts and then toss them around coating the back side of the sprouts until lightly browned. This is a great treat.

Option 3- Warm Brussel salad: Another alternative is to cook your brussel sprouts until tender, drain and cut in half. In a bowl, add orange segments, a little orange juice, some crumbled bacon, chick peas, feta cheese and sherry vinegar.