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Ideas For A Fun and Memorable Bridal Party

I was recently asked this question: “What can a bride do to make the bridal party more fun and memorable?”  I love questions like these! Brides have so many options available to make their bridal party really stand out. Here are a few ideas for your Wedding Wednesday… *Shoes!* This depends on what your vision […]

Potato Chips at a Wedding?

Of course! Our house made potato chips have been wildly successful at weddings and events. We serve them standing upright on a bed of coarse rock salt with various dippers. We’re now taking those same house made chips and topping them with a sliver of tuna tartare and wasabi, or black bean puree with a […]

Spring and Summer Wedding Trends

For many of you who get engaged this holiday season, it can be difficult to get your head into another season while planning your wedding. This is assuming we’re talking about a spring and summer wedding. A new trend  next year will be organic popsicle treats using seasonal produce to make luscious flavors like salted […]

Shadow Bar Interactive Tabletop

Accomac Catering is so excited to be offering another awesome product – the “Shadow Bar” dynamic interactive bar system. The Shadow bar is an interactive tabletop with integrated video-projectors that cast a variety of surface content to entice and entertain. The system detects the motion of objects on the surface and dynamically interacts with each […]

A Simple, Yet Unexpected Bridal Idea

Hello, everyone! We missed last week’s wedding post on account of the Farm to Table Dinner, which was a great success by the way! So now that we’re back in the swing of things, for today’s Wedding Wednesday post I want to share a fun and unexpected idea for your wedding reception. Instead of personalized […]

“Culinnovate” Your Wedding Reception

It can be challenging to come up with another new idea that guests haven’t seen. Every bride wants to be the first to have the latest great idea. This innovation excites us! (hence our blog- Culinnovation :)) Here’s another one to add to your list of options: Vignette Stations. So what is a vignette station […]