Our Partners


small buissness loan At Accomac, fresh means a lot of things.

binary options robot affiliate Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture

payday loans with no verification It’s our culinary herb garden just outside the kitchen door, perfect to garnish a plate and deepen the flavor of a new dish. It’s the heady scent of fruitwood and hickory from our kitchen as we produce charcuterie on site. It’s the culinary garden at the Codorun Farm that yielded nearly 600 lbs of hierloom tomatoes and assorted produce last year.

cash loans no checking account But fresh is a state of mind too – as in our membership in, and commitment, to the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). This member-based organization’s Buy Fresh Buy Local® chapters play a key role in sustaining farms and farmers. It’s not enough to know something is delicious, we want to know where it came from and how it was produced – impact beyond the satiation of our appetite. And by buying local wherever possible, we help sustain the regional economy and preserve working family farms while beautifying the rural and urban landscape. Fine dining begins with the finest ingredients, and we’re dedicated to helping artisan farmers bring their produce to your plate.
Here’s a look at some of our partners:


The Accomac Inn sources food locally from Lehman's Roadside Market in York PA.

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binäre optionen handeln für anfänger Lehman’s Roadside Market started out decades ago as Lehman’s roadside table.

installment loan lenders bad credit Brian Lehman set up the table in his aunt’s front yard – about 75 yards from the stand’s current location – as a project for Future Farmers of America. Lehman’s Produce and Roadside Market has been offering farm-fresh produce and dairy for sale on its 300 acres since 1983 when Brian took over operations from his father.

us bank installment loans Years later, that same stand (with a few changes) is a daily stop for Chef André on his way to the Inn, hand-selecting fresh ingredients and fresh inspiration for that day’s offerings. Meanwhile, Brian is now responsible for all farming activities conducted on the family’s 300+ acre farm – another role he inherited from his father Ellsworth.

cash advance 95823 Lehman’s Produce and Roadside Market has been offering farm-fresh produce and dairy for sale on its 300 acres since 1983 when Brian took over operations from his father. If you know farms, you know food.


Accomac Inn's local food source, Brogue Hydroponics

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Established in 1983 by owners Bob & Nancy Kilgore, Brogue Hydroponics has grown from one greenhouse of butterhead lettuce to six-plus greenhouses filled with a wide variety of lettuces, herbs, edible flowers, garnishes, tomatoes, red raspberries, potted plants and hanging baskets. Just stepping into one of greenhouses is immediately calming and the vibrancy of life unmistakeable. These are closed systems that take advantage of bioprocesses to recycle and replenish nutrients in an ecologically sustainable manner. The care that they show for their produce is unquestionable, and we’re proud to consider them a partner.

According to Jesse Kilgore, a son who manages the day-to-day operations of the business, the family is continually looking for ways to make the operation more environmentally friendly – from seeking ways to reduce energy, to exploring recycling alternatives.

And as to how the Kilgores determine which flowers are indeed “edible,” Jesse laughs, saying “The final test here is – we grow the flowers, and Dad eats them.”