Happenings at the Accomac


There is always something Fun and interesting going on at the Accomac. Whether it is our annual Farm to Table dinner, Jazz nights, or Chill n’ Grill, you are sure to be in for a treat. Be sure to click on the events to read more! Call (717) 252 – 1521 to reserve your table today!


27th – Ghosts & Spirits Dinner – Read about some of the hauntings here!


3rd – Firelight Night

10th – Firelight Night

17th – Firelight Night

23rd – Thanksgiving Lunch & Dinner

24th – Firelight Night


1st – Firelight Night

8th – Firelight Night

15th – Firelight Night

22nd – Firelight Night

24th – Christmas Eve Dinner

25th – Closed for Christmas Day

29th – Firelight Night

31st – New Year’s Eve Dinner

January 2018

Lunch will resume in the spring

1st – Closed for New Year’s Day

5th – Firelight Night

12th – Firelight Night

19th – Firelight Night

26th – Firelight Night

February 2018

4th – Closed for Super Bowl Sunday