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Grand Opening of the Maryland Zoo’s Mansion House

The Maryland Zoo of Baltimore contracted Accomac Events and Catering in celebration of the grand opening of its newly renovated historic Mansion House and, of course, we wanted to share some photos of the event with you.  The Zoo’s focus on conservation and wildlife had for some obvious choices in event design and theme.  Charlene used […]

Fall Weddings: Bringing The Season To Your Wedding Cake

Marry in September’s shine, your living will be rich and fine If in October you do marry, love will come but riches tarry If you wed in bleak November, only joys will come, remember When December snows fall fast, marry and true love will last. – English wedding rhyme As summer slowly gives way to […]

Fall Wedding Color Palette Ideas

For those of you planning a fall wedding, I wanted to share some unique color palette ideas that I just love! Experiment with different color schemes and inspiration photos to find your perfect pairing! Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Korean Flavors

Exploring international cuisine can be a great experience for dinner at home or used to bring something fun and unexpected to your next event. Here are some Korean flavors to try on for size. Keep in mind that Korean foods are a bit on the spicy side and also pickled. Those two flavors keep your palette […]

May is for Margaritas

With Memorial Day Weekend beginning today, we are so excited to welcome the “Official Start of Summer.”  Since it’s Friday and nothing quite says summer like a Margarita, here are some unique margarita recipes to try (yes, one does involve Jell-O!!) Everyone loves strawberry margaritas so why not make them in the strawberry?! These require […]

More Fun with Jell-O – Lemon Wedge Shooters

In continuation of our Jell-O theme for summer, Lemon “wedge” shooters are a kick back to the candy fruit slices from our childhoods. These shooters are simple to make and look lovely! Cut 6 lemons in half from end to end and juice the halves, saving the pulp for later. Turn the skin inside out and dig […]

Whimsical May Wedding

For today’s Wedding Wednesday post, I wanted to share these photos from one of my weddings this past weekend! This lovely, whimsical design is a great inspiration for your spring and summer wedding planning. Congratulations to Avery and Drew!!!

Accomac Garden Update – May 2011

The Accomac Garden is coming along beautifully and we’re seeing a lot of growth. This year’s garden is twice as big as last year, which is exciting and challenging at the same time! Here are some photos taken from this past weekend. Also, mark your calendars for Sept. 10th. This is the date of our […]

Two Fun Food Ideas

For your Monday morning, we wanted to share two fun food ideas for your wedding reception or next event! How many of you grew up with pop tarts as a breakfast treat? Of course we know how bad they are for us, but we’ve taken them for a spin. The possibilities are endless. For example, […]