A photo from the Natural Products Expo held in Baltimore, MD.

We had the pleasure of attending the Natural Products Expo recently held in Baltimore, MD. Aside from visiting many of our existing vendors, we wanted to learn about other items, particularly for Accomac Events, in an attempt to incorporate as many organic products as possible.

We also used this as a great opportunity to look into several new organizations who we think will benefit our own movement towards being responsible and respectful people of the earth. One organization that caught our eye was the Organic Farming Research Association. Another organization is “Pennsylvania Certified Organic” who assures organic integrity. We’re reaching out to their certification specialists to begin the process of learning about the educational and research sides of these organizations. We’ll continue to update as these efforts move along.

One great find for Accomac Events was an all natural insect repellent that controls flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and fleas. It’s a sprinkle on product that will offer protection to our brides and grooms who are having outdoor ceremonies and receptions.

For Our Gluten Free Customers:

We learned more about the Gluten Free Certification Organization. They are an interesting company who offers an inspection process for food manufacturers and food companies who process and sell both gluten free and organic products. It was interesting to learn that Shiloh Farms of New Holland, PA specializes in all natural foods and has expanded their market by gaining gluten free certifications. They are one of the first companies to go through this inspection process of gluten free certification.

We took a sample bag of Deya’s gluten free flour to Accomac Inn Pastry Chef, Lauren, to see what she can whip up for us to taste. We also gave her a sample of organic agave to substitute for sugar and organic coconut oil to use as a substitute as well.

Chef Andre and Chef Bill are trying out some lemon infused organic coconut cooking oil and several flavors of organic agave syrup, too!

More updates to come. 🙂