We’re excited to present our latest Accomac Inn culinary cocktail list:

Zach discusses the latest spring culinary cocktail list and the ideas & inspiration behind each cocktail:

*Knock you on your Accomac Punch: I wanted this to be a Long Island Iced Tea style drink. It includes southern comfort, st. germaine (elderflower liquer), gran marnier, and house-infused citrus bourbon with orange juice, cranberry juice, and house made citrus (tangerine/orange/lime/lemon) syrup.

*Capriana Fizz:  This is a traditional Brazilian drink similar to a mojito in appearance and refreshment. It includes cachaca rum, lime wedges and sugar, but I put a little twist on it by making a lime simple syrup then muddling that with lime and cilantro. Soda water is added for fizz.

Capriana Fizz

*Sweet Rhuby:  This cocktail includes Rhuby liqueur, which is made in Philly and expresses rhubarb, carrot, greens, cardamom and other natural herbs and veggies. I add green chartruese, an herbal blend liquor, grated ginger, buttershots, and a spun brown sugar garnish.

Sweet Rhuby

*Porch Perfect: This cocktail is a twist on the perfect Manhattan (a perfect Manhattan is made with both sweet and dry vermouth not just sweet).  I made fennel dry vermouth, almond sweet vermouth, and added a new product, which is an apple cinnamon moonshine.  It is shaken over ice and served!

Porch Perfect

*Accomac Sunset: This is our version of the traditional tequila sunrise. Tequila blanco, agave nectar, orange juice, and PAMA (pomegranate liqueur) are muddled with sage.  Excellent for the porch!

*Spring Garden: This drink is to celebrate the garden season! It is made with the Rhuby liqueur from Sweet Rhuby. We serve it with a pickled carrot and shake it with beet syrup, rhubarb syrup, cardamom, and lemon juice.

Spring Garden