The benefits of seasonal eating are many and it is something we preach at Accomac Inn and Events. All of our menus are constantly changing to reflect what is in season for our area and what we can buy locally.

For those that want to take a seasonal approach to their diets, we came across this website, Eat Seasonably, as a great resource. Shown is just one of the charts and guides offered on the website. You may want to print it out to keep with you in your cookbook or in your kitchen. They not only have great guides for eating seasonally, they also offer advice and resources for those that want to grow their own fresh fruit and veggies. Under the link “What to Grow Now” you will find a vast amount of information whether you are just getting started or want to take your culinary garden to the next level.

As we go into the winter months, it inevitably becomes harder to eat fresh, but here are some tips for local, seasonal eating this winter.